How To Stop A Dyson Fan Oscillating?

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Dyson fans are easy to spot and their unique technology seems to blow more air than other fans. It can be so strong that you need to put the fan in oscillate mode so that you’re not getting blasted with cold air constantly.

But how do you stop a Dyson fan from oscillating?

Oscillation is controlled by the remote that comes with the Dyson. Otherwise, you can try using the official Dyson Link app and control it from there. If neither of these options works, you can disconnect the fan’s oscillation motor but this is the last resort.

I’ll run you through some tips to get your Dyson fan to stop oscillating, including explaining how the whole system works.

We’ll also look at some more unconventional methods to stop the fan oscillating but be warned this will void your warranty.

How To Stop Your Dyson Fan From Oscillating

Dyson fans are operated via a remote or via buttons on the unit. Some models are only operated via a remote and don’t have any controls on the unit itself. If you haven’t used the remote in a long time, change the batteries.

The remote takes CR2023 size button batteries, also referred to as 3V Lithium coin batteries.

The remote will have an oscillate button, usually found on the top right. The logo is two arrows pointing left and right. You can visit Dyson’s fan support page to see the manual for your fan if you’re unsure what button it is.

The oscillation setting is either on or off. There is no part oscillate function.

If you wish to stop the fan from oscillating, point the remote at the fan and press the oscillation button once. You should try the other buttons such as the on/off button or airflow button to troubleshoot whether your remote is working.

Dyson sells replacement remotes for your model that can be easily searched for and purchased if none of the remote functions work. 

The Dyson Link app can also be used to stop the fan and will be looked at below in more detail.

  • If neither of those options works, you should try unplugging the fan from the power and then repower it to test again.

It is also worth cleaning the Dyson unit thoroughly to ensure there are no obstructions. Items may have fallen into the rotating mechanism which blocks them from moving or oscillating.

The Dyson support page lists all their models including how to clean them properly. Generally, this is achieved by following the alignment arrows along the bottom half of the fan and twisting to unlock the pieces.

Any possible obstructions or accumulation of dirt should be cleaned and the whole unit wiped down with a soft cloth. Reassemble the unit and click the pieces back into place via the alignment arrows.

Some users have reported some DIY solutions that will void your warranty. If you suspect that your Dyson fan is malfunctioning, you should contact Dyson support for help via their website.

If it is out of warranty and cannot be fixed by Dyson, you can attempt to fix an oscillating fan yourself.

This involves opening up the Dyson and disconnecting the power to the oscillating motor. This has been reported to still allow the fan function to work, it will just no longer oscillate.

What Does Oscillating Mean For A Dyson Fan?

Most Dyson fans still oscillate. The design of a Dyson fan is a more upright model that has a distinctive ring from which the cool air blows, called a loop amplifier.

One of the versions of Dyson’s offerings that is quite iconic is the Dyson Cool AM07 that you can get on Amazon.

When a Dyson fan oscillates, the loop amplifier rotates on its vertical access. The air comes out of the loop amplifier when it is facing you so you can see it as a ring of plastic forming a pill shape.

As it oscillates, the loop amplifier is swiveled left and right to blow air in different directions. Some models will oscillate up to 180 degrees. Effectively this increases the total coverage the fan can achieve.

It is important to remember that these Dyson fan products are not air conditioners. Oscillation will just redirect air across space, however, the strength of the Dyson fan makes it feel like it is blowing cool air.

Does The Dyson Cool Fan Rotate?

The Dyson Cool range comes in both desk, tower, and pedestal versions.

The desk and pedestal versions will oscillate and rotate. By holding the base of a model such as the Dyson AM07 fan, you can swing the base forwards and backward to adjust the air flow angle.

Some other versions of the Dyson Cool range only oscillate and their air flow is changed via the remote. Be sure to check the description.

Check out this review video of a Dyson AM07

How To Make Dyson Fan Oscillate Without The Remote

If your remote is not working or missing, you can try using the Dyson Link application. This can be downloaded from the official Dyson page as well as the usual app stores.

The remote is stored on the top of the fan, so check for it if you bought the Dyson second-hand.

Once you start the app, you can select “Add A Product”. You will then have to input the requested information and it will search for the Dyson product. 

The app can then be used to change whether the fan should oscillate or not.

The feet on the bottom of the Dyson fan enable sufficient grip to allow the fan to oscillate. You should check that the rubber feet are still attached securely to the base of the machine. Where possible you should place the fan on a flat, non-slip surface.

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