How Long Does PB Blaster Smell Last? Here’s The Truth

PB Blaster is one of the best products to remove stuck bolts or corroded metal parts. However, given the powerful chemicals contained within it, PB Blaster can leave quite the smell after use.

So how long does the PB Blaster smell last?

You can expect the PB Blaster smell to last for about 24 hours after using it in a confined space. If you use it in a ventilated room and wipe up the excess, the smell should fade away quickly. 

I’ll show you how to get rid of the PB Blaster smell and also how to do some further cleaning if needed. We’ll also look at the safety hazards that come with using PB Blaster and how best to avoid them. 

How Long Does The PB Blaster Smell Last?

Unless you’re in a confined space, the smell of PB Blaster won’t last long. Most of the ingredients of PB Blaster are volatile compounds. Volatile is a scientific term meaning the substance evaporates easily at normal or room temperature.

To speed up the process, you can remove as much of the excess PB B’laster from the cleaning site. This can be done with hot water and a small amount of grease-cutting dish soap.

For delicate fabrics, the best way to stop PB Blaster from giving off odors is using laundry soakers. You can just mix the laundry soaker into warm water and then leave the clothes soaking for 12-24 hours.

PB Blaster works with small amounts so don’t just spray a whole can every time!

Does PB B’laster Smell Go Away?

General cleaning methods will do a lot to remove the PB Blaster odor. 

If the PB Blaster is on clothes or other washable objects, create a mixture of white vinegar, water, and dish soap. Dab this onto the areas that smell the strongest and leave to sit for a few hours.

This home remedy can be used to wipe most surfaces to get rid of excess dirt and also to clean up the residue from other products.

Ventilation is going to be one of the best ways to get rid of any smell. Sunlight and airflow can help remove most smells, but long periods of direct exposure to sunlight can damage many materials.

Strategically, do your work near a window or doorway to encourage natural airflow to take the odor of PB Blaster away. Otherwise set up a pedestal fan or similar to encourage airflow.

Excess PB Blaster can be wiped up with old rags. PB Blaster will continue to release vapors for some time after first being sprayed but will dissipate over time. If you’re still experiencing strong odors more than 24 hours after application, look for pools of PB B’laster.

Dipping components in isopropyl alcohol can help reduce the smell. As the protective film left behind by PB Blaster will release vapors, alcohol wipes, or isopropyl alcohol of 90% concentration will remove this film and stop the smell.

Is PB Blaster Bad To Breathe In?

One of the best ways to find out the hazards of a product is to check out its safety data sheet. Although it is highly flammable, rated at 4 which is the highest hazard rating, it’s rated as a 1 for the aspiration hazard. 

Rating as a 1 means it poses minimal harm. Concentrated or intentional inhalation may cause injury but casual contact is unlikely to lead to any health risks. 

PB Blaster is rated as being a 2 on the carcinogenicity scale. It is also listed as being a 2 for the risk of serious eye irritation.

Washing the eye out with water will prevent further damage. The safety data sheet also recommends that vomiting is not recommended if ingestion occurs, further underscoring that it is not a completely toxic substance.

PB Blaster is known as penetrating oil. This is a type of oil with low viscosity that can get into small gaps and spaces to allow nuts and bolts to be removed, even if they’re rusted in. 

The usual process is to spray PB B’laster and then leave it for extended periods of time to work on the corrosion. The usage patterns are considered when giving a hazard rating, this means that exposure to it for this amount of time has been tested to be minimal risk.

PB Blaster includes a lubricant that remains on the product as a protective film. This means that even after applying PB Blaster, there is still a fire hazard as the dried product is still flammable.

Be careful with naked flames, sparks, or heat from engines. You should avoid having large, excess amounts of PB Blaster on surfaces to prevent it from catching fire, it is effective in very small amounts.

Generally, you will want to use a small amount, leave it to seep into the cracks, and then try and remove the stuck component. Twisting the bolt both ways will help open up threads to PB Blaster to ensure that they can be lubricated.

What Does PB Blaster Smell Like?

Ingredients contained within the material data sheet include some distinct smelling chemicals. These include hydrocarbons, petroleum distillates, and solvents. 

Hydrocarbons themselves are classified into four groups, one of which is aromatic hydrocarbons. The datasheet for PB Blaster lists that it contains aromatic substances.

Petroleum also is associated with a strong, long-lasting smell. 

Using small amounts in a well-ventilated area and mopping up the excess should mean you’re left with minimal odors. Reports are of a very strong, chemical smell that is reminiscent of oil and paint thinner.

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