Why Is The Brush On My Dyson Not Spinning?

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Dyson vacuum cleaners’ superior and versatile designs make them highly sought after for domestic and commercial use. However, without proper usage and maintenance, the brushes on your Dyson can easily stop spinning.

It is common for Dyson brush to stop spinning if you have pets in your house, woolen carpets, or long hair. These hairs usually get sucked into the vacuum cleaner and will jam the brushes with time. The motor malfunctioning may cause the Dylon’s brushes not to spin, but it’s a relatively rare occurrence.

The brushes on a Dyson vacuum cleaner essentially protect the filtration system. As the cleaner sucks in air as you clean, the brushes will trap any solid particles and debris. The brushes prevent the particles from traveling further into the system, jamming or corroding the electric motor components.

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Why Is The Brush On My Dyson Not Spinning?

Your Dyson Vacuum cleaner may stop spinning primarily because of a brush, brush belt, or electrical malfunction. Let’s look in detail at these causes of your Dyson not spinning and how to remedy the situations.

First things first, before checking the brushes, always turn off or unplug the Dyson vacuum cleaner from the power source. This is a safety precaution to avoid the machine starting abruptly after removing the blockage.

Usually, you will need to take the brushes out of the housing. You can do this in a few quick steps;

  1. Locate the end cap on the side of the vacuum cleaner
  2. Using a coin, turn the end cap counterclockwise and remove it
  3. Gently probe the opposite side of the end cap, and the brush bar will slide out.
  4. Check the brush and the bar for any inconsistencies or blockages
  5. Return the brush bar the same way it came out
  6. Spin it gently until it locks into position
  7. Re-insert the end cap and turn it clockwise for a firm, secure lock.

If you can’t fix the problem, visit any of the Dyson Service Centre strewn across the country. These centers operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you can have your cleaner serviced quickly without prior appointments.

When visiting the repair center, remember to carry your proof of purchase. Dylan products have a one-year warranty which becomes effective at the date of purchase.

The warranty will cover all your repairs and replacement of parts at no extra cost under the defined terms and conditions of the agreement.

Where your warranty has run out or your servicing is ineligible, you will incur the cost of repairs. Dyson allows you to conveniently Pay Via Chat using major credit cards such as American Express and MasterCard for fast service delivery.

Main Causes of the Dyson Brush Bar Not Spinning

Electrical Malfunction

These malfunctions are usually issues with the electric motor that powers the vacuum cleaners. This can either be due to a drained battery or faults in the wiring system.


Change the batteries or recharge them depending on the model you are using. If there is no electrical pulse, visit or ship the unit to a Dyson service center. Dyson will cater for the shipping fees after repairs if your machine is still under warranty. They also provide a free replacement for damages under the care or if they cannot fix the malfunction.

Clogged Brushes or Brush Bars

As you clean, fabric, debris, and hairs tend to get wrapped around the brushes. After a while, the debris buildup will make the brushes unable to spin. Consequently, this will affect your cleaning process too.


Typically, you can fix this easily by simply pulling the hairs/strings from the bar using your bare hands. Alternatively, if the hairs are intertwined, use a pair of scissors to cut them off. It would be best if you were careful with the scissors, so they don’t cut the brush or puncture the brush belt.

Breakages and Worn Out

The brushes are prone to wear and tear after prolonged use. The brush belt can also slip or snap off completely.


Realignment is necessary where the brushes have slipped off the belt casing. You will need to disassemble the housing and remove the brush bar. Align the brushes correctly on the belt and reinstall the housing. 

If the parts are broken or worn out, you will require a complete overhaul since it’s impossible to patch up the belts and the brushes. To find authentic replacements, you can visit the Dyson Service Centre or contact them to check availability.

Alternatively, buy them online through the Dyson Spares Parts and Accessories platform. For fast tracking, always register your machine by creating a Dyson Account.

If you don’t have an account, use the first five digits of your machine’s serial number to find corresponding spares.

Besides, you can find replacements at any of the Dyson Service Centre strewn across the country. You can conveniently Pay Via Chat for fast service delivery using major credit cards such as American Express and MasterCard.

Do you prefer a video guide to fixing the brush of your Dyson cleaner? Watch the video below:

Is There A Reset Button on Dyson?

Dyson models don’t have a rest button. Resetting your vacuum cleaner usually means finding a way to maximize the performance and efficiency of the machine. Depending on the model, you can reset different parts of the Dyson independently.

For example, to reset the Dyson DC24, you use the Brush bar’s ON/OFF button, while for the Dyson v7, you use the ON/OFF power switch. For other models, unplugging the battery from the vacuum cleaner and plugging it in again will do a manual reset.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to maintain your Dyson regularly, depending on the intensity and frequency of usage. Clean it at least once a week for occasional use and after every use if you use it heavily and frequently. After prolonged use, replace the brushes as soon as you notice they are not turning or cleaning correctly.

Stick to the manual guide on correctly assembling and disassembling the parts. Loose parts pose a danger to you and the effective functioning of the vacuum cleaner. Finally, always buy genuine replacement parts from the Dyson Store or a certified dealer.

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