Can You Adjust A Dyson For Thick Carpet? Here’s The Truth

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Dyson vacuums have a reputation for having the strongest suction but this is not the best for thick carpets. It can result in the Dyson getting stuck and not only failing to clean them but also potentially cause damage. So how can you adjust a Dyson for a thick carpet?

Dyson vacuum cleaners are self-adjusting for different floor types. If it gets stuck on thick carpets, you can try lowering the suction power on the unit or performing maintenance to remove blockages. Otherwise, a different attachment such as the upholstery type may work.

I’ll run through what gives Dysons the powerful suction power but also talk about why this can be a bit of a downside in some situations. We’ll look at some solutions for using your Dyson on thick rugs and carpets and other ways to clean thick rugs.

Can You Adjust Dyson For Thick Carpets?

Many products in the Dyson range will self-adjust to different floor types. The Ball Animal 2 has the self-adjusting cleaner head and is top-rated on Amazon.

Other models will feature a switch to select different strength suction settings of the vacuum. 

If you still find the Dyson not working well, you can consider switching out the vacuum cleaner head.

Does Dyson Work Well On Thick Carpet?

Customer reviews report that the high suction of the Dyson means it doesn’t work well on thick carpets. 

Dyson support suggests ensuring that your vacuum cleaner itself is thoroughly cleaned to make sure it is operating properly.

Various DIY reports claim that manual adjustments made to Dyson vacuum cleaners can help them work better on thick carpets.

One method is to check that the filter housing is installed correctly. On the vacuum unit itself, there are two arrows under the filter housing that need to be aligned.

You can unscrew the filter and check for misalignments. It can be remedied by twisting the filter slightly to align the arrows.

The Dyson vacuum cleaner heads should be checked for blockages and cleaned. Dyson has a video guide on how to perform this yourself.

For the upright models, flip the vacuum cleaner over and look for a clip near the vacuum cleaner’s head. By pinching this it should be able to be removed and allow the cleaner head to detach.

The various intakes should be checked for any blockages including the airways and cleaner head.

The cleaner head can be disassembled by unfastening the clips and removing the cover. 

This area should be checked for built-up debris and reassembled following the tabs. Make sure to reattach the c-clip fastener to the cleaner head before reattaching the head to the airway.

All other connections including any hoses should be checked to ensure they are clear and then attached securely. 

Check out this YouTube video for a full demonstration.

Is Dyson Too Hard On Carpets?

Dyson is reported to do a great job on low shag height carpet. Carpets that have a lot of piles tend to make using a Dyson too hard.

  • The combination of the strong suction of the Dyson and the long pile can cause the vacuum cleaner to be too hard to push through.

If you find the Dyson getting stuck on certain areas of your floor, it is worth adjusting the power levels down. If your model has alternative vacuum cleaner heads, you could attempt to use a different one to see if it gets better results.

The other advice is to vacuum slowly. Rapid movements can yank material out and cause damage. Slow movement gives time for the threads to be released and return to their original position.

Frequent vacuuming is also important. As more dirt and debris build-up, this just means it can be harder to collect all dust and grime, requiring the same area to be vacuumed again.

Carpets are generally attached to the floor and thus are more at risk of damage. Rugs are normally free-floating meaning that if your Dyson gets stuck and you pull, it will just lift the rug up. The lack of giving with carpets means they are prone to having threads ripped.

Can I Use a Dyson On Wool Carpet?

Dyson’s offerings have some unique features which don’t always suit wool carpets.

Upright vacuums will tend to have a combination of a brush roller and suction. The internal mechanism is a stiff brush that can dig into wool carpets and pull strands. Excessive force can then pull out these threads causing damage.

Other vacuum cleaners will be advertised using phrases like pure suction to denote the lack of a brush roller. This means these types of vacuums will likely be more effective on high pile count carpets.

A better option would be to look into another vacuum cleaner that is lower power. Vacuum cleaners can also benefit from having an adjustable soft-bristled beater bar to properly clean between the fibers.

Dyson consistently tops the benchmarks and can claim to be the vacuum with the strongest suction. This is a common feature throughout their models and so you may need to think about another brand if you have a particularly thick wool carpet.

Check out this repair video on the Dyson Animal.

Can You Vacuum Shag Rug With Dyson?

Shag rugs tend to have a lot of large threads and piles which don’t suit a Dyson.

The density of the shag pile can present problems when it comes time for cleaning. Allergens including dust and creatures such as mites can easily hide way down in the fibers.

To effectively remove the dirt and debris from shag, you’ll need the right vacuum and more importantly, the correct attachment. 

The correct attachment may be limited to certain types of vacuum cleaners. Upright vacuum cleaners have a brush that tends to get tangled in the fibers. A better choice is an upholstery attachment that has nothing that spins.

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