5 Best Online Stores for Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are a necessity, but many of us have particular items that we regularly use and need to keep on hand. They can also be pretty bulky, so purchasing them at the grocery store can be inconvenient. Shopping for cleaning products online allows you to get what you want and not lug them between the store and home.  

The top five online stores where you can buy cleaning products are Walmart, Grove Collaborative, Target, Thrive Market, and The Home Depot. These stores offer a variety of cleaning products that can be shipped to your home at a reasonable price.

Regardless, there are benefits to each of these online vendors. They are listed in no particular order, and each section discusses the key highlights of that specific vendor. Read on for the top five online stores to purchase cleaning products.  

5 Best Online Stores for Cleaning Products

Cleaning may seem menial to some, but it truly is a skill that brings together many different disciplines. For more on this, check out my other post, “Is Cleaning a Skill? Here’s the Truth,” which answers that question and many more.  

Half of the battle is selecting the right products for the job, so once you have figured out what works in your home, you want to continue to purchase those items.  

A simple Google search will yield overwhelming results, so we have narrowed down the best online stores for sourcing cleaning products for you here.

1. Walmart

People seem to either love or hate Walmart, but even if you aren’t their biggest fan, you can appreciate their consistently low prices. While price alone isn’t everything, the variety and the quality of everything, including their store-brand items, are hard to deny.  

Walmart now offers the ability to buy online and pick up in-store, as well as buy online and deliver to home. This allows you to shop at Walmart without actually setting foot in Walmart. Effectively, you get their low prices without the annoyance of the busy Walmart shopping experience.  

This is best when you know exactly what you want and can order your brands and items specifically. If an item isn’t available and you don’t want a substitute, you can also indicate that in your order.   

2. Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is an online store that sources and supplies a wide variety of cleaning products. Membership is optional, but membership benefits include shipping discounts, free items, and access to more sale items.  

Non-members can still shop with Grove and can access the same items. Grove Collaborative is likely an excellent choice if you prefer sustainable brands and eco-friendly products that can be placed on auto-order and auto-ship.  

Their products, variety, and customer service are excellent. Their prices can be reasonable if you catch items on sale, but prepare to pay retail price for most items at least some of the time. Grove also offers beauty, personal, and pet care items, making it easy to restock various things simultaneously.  

3. Target

Like Walmart, Target offers a broad-access retail experience without having to step into the store. Target offers a wide variety of cleaning products, both in-store and online. Their variety of particular brands is second to none.  

Their store-brand items are also very high-quality and are often offered at an excellent price. Target offers a buy online, pickup in-store option and purchase online, ship to home option. Their shipping is speedy, making online shopping with them convenient.  

Many thrifty shoppers love Target for their store coupons, which can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. Red card holders get an additional 5% off their purchase for added savings.  

If you already love the cleaning products sold at Target, but your wallet would rather you not browse their attractive, perfectly-marketed aisles, buying online through the store is a great alternative. A low minimum purchase to reach free shipping will help, eliminating the need for a trip to the store for your cleaning products.  

4. Thrive Market

Famously called by Forbes “Costco meets Whole Foods,” Thrive Market is another membership-based service that caters to the middle class. Thrive Market has sourced wholesale suppliers to help keep prices low.  

The platform effectively removed the middleman between the supplier and the buyer. Thrive Market is a competitive option in a saturated market with many overpriced, convenient online options available today.  

A membership is a low monthly or discounted annual rate, which lets you see their prices and order what you want and as often as you wish. Without a membership, you can’t order or view their prices.  

The selection at Thrive Market is genuinely stunning, and shipping is fast. Thrive has a wide variety of cleaning products but has a clear bent towards sustainable and eco-friendly products. This makes Thrive Market a great option for families with children or pets, where the idea of reducing chemicals in the home is attractive.  

5. The Home Depot

The Home Depot was the most surprising supplier of all the places that offer a great selection, quantity, and price of cleaning products. Many don’t browse this store for any home essentials. Instead, it is with a mission and a specific list; get in and out. However, their cleaning products selection is surprisingly robust, and their prices are competitive.

Home Depot offers regular-sized and larger-sized products. They can be purchased online and picked up in-store or shipped to your home. The price per ounce is quite competitive, and Home Depot offers even more discounts when their cleaning products go on sale.  

Their offerings range from dish soap and laundry detergent to specialty chemical cleaners for home improvement and car maintenance. Alternatively, if you can’t find a cleaning product in your regular store, you can check Home Depot because of its variety.  

If there are cleaning products you use every month, and they’re relatively mainstream items, it’s worth looking at Home Depot’s prices. Chances are good that the store carries your item and offers it at a low cost by volume.  

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