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How Clean Is Toilet Water?

Most people would never dream of drinking water from the toilet. While the general consensus is that toilet water is dirty, is this true? Just how clean is toilet water? Toilet water is clean when it reaches the tank. However, once it’s in the toilet tank, the water can become contaminated with pathogens, such as…

Does Steam Cleaning Damage Grout?

Grout is a useful material that fills the gaps between tiles. However, it’s porous and can absorb liquids and stains. If you enjoy using steam as a cleaning method, you might wonder if it’s safe to use on grout. Steam cleaning typically won’t damage grout if it’s appropriately sealed with a water- or solvent-based sealer….

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Mold?

Your household items and surfaces could be home to mold. It is critical to clear mold before it spreads since it can endanger your family. Steam cleaning is an effective way to kill mold. This sanitation procedure is more effective than others since it can eradicate mold in as little as twelve seconds. You can…

Can You Clean Cat Pee With Bleach?

Cats can be nice companions at home, but the hard part is cleaning their pee off clothes, carpets, mattresses, or other surfaces. Cat pee can leave stubborn stains that may be difficult to clean and a smell that may be hard to remove, but should you use bleach?  You can’t clean cat pee with bleach….

How Long Does It Take To Charge a Roomba?

Having a Roomba around the house can be a complete game-changer. For anyone with a busy schedule, owning a Roomba gives you one less thing to do after a long day. Once your Roomba is charged up, it can work independently without needing you to intervene.  A Roomba’s average charging time is 120 minutes after…

Does Cotton Shrink In The Wash? Here’s The Truth

Cotton is one of the most durable and comfortable fibers used in clothing, bedding, and fabrics. However, while cotton has many advantages over synthetic fibers, it has one major drawback: it is prone to shrinking.  Cotton shrinks in the wash when exposed to high temperatures. Regular exposure to hot water or high dryer temperatures may…