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Hose Clamp

Can You Use Hose Clamp On PEX?

With PEX rapidly replacing copper and galvanized steel as the material of choice for piping systems, have you ever considered using hose clamps on PEX?  You can use hose clamps on PEX, provided the installation is done correctly. Hose clamps are durable and reliable, ensuring you have efficient, leak-proof tubing connections.  This article will discuss…

Shower Hose

Does Shower Hose Length Affect Water Pressure? 

Not only is showering essential, but it is also satisfying in a therapeutic kind of way. Taking a shower will leave you clean and relaxed.  However, it can be frustrating when the water is flowing slowly, so you want to ensure that the pressure is just right. If you are experiencing a low-pressure problem and…

Vacuum Hose

Does Vacuum Hose Size Matter?

There are different sizes of vacuum hoses on the market. Size is an important aspect when choosing a vacuum hose, and for that, it is one of the factors that buyers consider during the purchase.  Different sizes of vacuum hoses specialize in different jobs, so the size matters a lot. Vacuum hose size matters as…

Compression Fitting

Can You Use Compression Fittings on PEX

The increasing popularity of PEX pipes amongst DIY homeowners stems from its flexibility. You can easily bend it around structures, which usually require no connectors.  However, extensive PEX piping systems will require installing connectors/ fittings for efficiency. Compression fittings are the most convenient connectors you can use on PEX when dealing with multiple connection points. They are…

hose clamp for pex

Can You Use A Hose Clamp On Pex?

While you can use a hose clamp on PEX, it is not recommended unless you are seeking a temporary fix. This is because PEX, like other plastics, is quite stiff with a smooth exterior. Therefore, a hose clamp cannot hold tight enough to keep a PEX fitting secure. Therefore, it will only be a matter…

pex pipes

Can PEX Be Connected To A Hot Water Heater 

Both hot and cold water distribution systems use PEX pipes extensively. The pipes are durable but cheap, easy to install, and highly flexible, allowing you to run them through walls and floors. However, connecting it to a water heater is another ball game altogether. You can’t connect PEX directly to a hot water heater unless…