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Getting the perfect night’s sleep can be tricky. On hot nights, you have the fan blowing on you to keep cool but the fan’s power button is very bright and prevents you from sleeping.

So how do you dim the light on a Dyson fan?

You can Dim the lights on a Dyson fan either by selecting night mode, putting a timer on or physically covering the light.

You can do this using some art and craft skills to fashion covers for that bright fan light.

In this article, I’ll run through how to set up your Dyson fan so that you don’t get distracted by your fan. We’ll also look at how to set timers to cover other times when the light is very bright. Finally, we’ll consider some DIY methods to block those bright lights.

How To Dim The Light On A Dyson Fan

Depending on the model of Dyson fan means you can turn off the lights or dim them in some way. The lights and displays on them can be very bright and make it hard to sleep. 

The display on a Dyson will give information about their current status. This can be used to make sure your fan is in the right mode as well as displaying information about program timers.

Some models have a night mode feature. This will be visible on your remote as a moon icon. You can visit Dyson’s fan support page to see the manual for your specific model to get more guides on operating your fan.

Another option is to use the Dyson Link app.

This can be downloaded from the official Dyson page and app stores. Once you start the app, you can select “Add a Product”. You will then have to input the requested information and it will search for the Dyson product. 

The Dyson app can then be used to change hours of night mode operation, LED display settings, and other functions.

Otherwise the remote can be used to adjust the night mode settings. The remote is stored on the fan using magnets, so check for it if you bought the Dyson second hand.

Can You Dim The Dyson Fan Light?

  • If the Dyson model you have has a night mode, you can dim the lights. In Dyson’s settings, you can check whether it is set to automatic mode. Automatic mode means it will go into night mode every night.

Otherwise, you can set a timer to cover your sleeping hours. For example, you can set a sleep timer on a Dyson Fan that runs from 10 pm until 8 am every day. This will lower the display brightness and cut the power automatically.

Generally, the timer goes up in 15-minute intervals until it reaches an hour, then hourly until a maximum of nine hours.

By pressing the moon icon until you get a crescent moon, this selects night mode. This will lower the display brightness but not reduce the fan’s cooling functions.

Amazon sells dimming sheets that will reduce the glare from display screens. These come in 6 inches by 3-inch size pairs of sheets. They work by static cling and can be applied to the Dyson display to reduce the glare while still making it visible.

Dimming sheets can have different names such as Fablon but their general feature involves fabric that has static cling. You can purchase them in many different colors and you may have better results from colors such as yellow, blue, and green.

Another common DIY approach is to get a piece of tape and stick it over bright lights. Sometimes you may need to use a permanent marker in the case where the LED is still shining through the tape.

If the display is too bright, then a piece of cardboard can be taped on to cover it or as a makeshift privacy screen.

Another option is a timer on the electrical socket. If your Dyson has no customizable options for the night or sleep timers, then you can make your own.

A programmable digital timer can be set to supply power to the Dyson only during your waking hours and off during your usual sleep hours.

Some models have a remote control but no timer, some owners of Dyson fans stand the remote in front of the LED light to block it out.

If a light is flashing constantly then you can try unplugging the Dyson from the power and then reconnecting the power to do a soft reset.

What Is Night Mode On A Dyson Fan?

Night mode allows a Dyson fan to still operate its cooling function but lowers its bright lights to allow sleep. 

It can be selected via the remote or Dyson Link app on your device. Some other appliances from Dyson like the humidifier will run at a quieter level of noise when put into night mode.

Night-time mode drops the brightness of the display and sets the fan speed at a maximum setting of 4.

Check out this short review Video of the Dyson TP02

Does a Blue Light Affect Sleep?

Dyson fans usually have blue LEDs that can make it hard for some people to fall asleep.

Blue light makes up part of the visible light spectrum. Blue light has been shown to have an impact on your alertness, hormone production, and sleep cycles.

This wavelength of light is emitted by LEDs and so could be affecting your sleep. All types of artificial light affect circadian rhythm, your body’s natural cycle over a 24 hour period that includes resting, sleeping, and other essential functions.

For example, blue light suppresses the body’s release of a hormone called melatonin. One of the effects of melatonin is that it makes us feel drowsy, so we don’t want too much of it during the day while we’re active. 

However artificial light can continue to suppress the melatonin during naturally darker hours when your body would normally release it to help you sleep.

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