Are Briggs And Stratton Engines Any Good? 

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Briggs and Stratton’s engines have been in the market since 1908. They are made in the United States and are among the best in the small engines category. 

Also, engines made by Briggs and Stratton have the reputation of being durable, reliable, and easy to use and maintain.

Thus, the Briggs and Stratton engines are excellent for lawn mowers. This article will explain why Briggs and Stratton’s engines are suitable for lawn mowers, their shortcomings, and how they compare to other engine companies such as Honda. 

Why Briggs and Stratton’s Engines Are Good for Lawn Mowers

Are you considering buying a Briggs and Stratton engine for your lawnmower but are not sure of the value it will offer you? The following are why the engine stands out and has dominated the market for a century and then some.

They are durable

These engines boast a long lifespan exceeding ten or even 20 years, depending on how well you maintain them. Essentially, the better you maintain it, the longer it will last. The engines are adequately designed to withstand wear and tear. 

They have a simple design

As practical as they are, Briggs and Stratton’s engines have a relatively simple design. Therefore, they are easy to repair when they break down, and most people can do it without seeking a professional. 

Also, their parts are readily available among local dealers, which is pretty convenient.

They are easy to use

These engines have features that make for straightforward operation. Also, they are easy to store and maintain. Similarly, the maintenance cost is relatively low.

Moreover, the engines are self-propelled. This means you would require minimal effort to push your mower across your lawn. So, they can cut through thick grass without you necessarily expending too much effort, leaving your lawn looking fresh and sharp.

They are affordable

You can acquire a Briggs and Stratton engine even if you are on a budget because they are reasonably priced. Besides, they come in different sizes and engine power, all with separate price tags. Thus, you get the option to go for the one that suits your financial capability.

They are light

The engines have the power to weight ratio that makes them lightweight. The light nature of the engines makes them easy to maneuver, even on tough terrains.

They have a wide range of power

Briggs and Stratton’s engines range from small to commercial-grade ones. So, you have the liberty to go for the one with the amount of engine power you require. 

Their spare parts are easy to get

All machines are susceptible to wear and tear. Different parts of the machine can wear out at different times. When this happens, it helps if you can access spare parts. Luckily for you, the spare parts of Briggs and Stratton engines are readily available in local dealer shops.

New to Briggs and Stratton engines? Here’s a video that explains how the engine works:

How Long Does a Briggs and Stratton Engine Last?

Typically, a small engine suitable for a lawnmower can run for a total of 500 hours. Big commercial engines can do a good 1000 hours. 

Two main factors determine how long a Briggs & Stratton engine lasts: its lifespan and the size of its engine.

So, your lawnmower will be operational for a long time if you maintain it well enough. Most lawn mowers can go for up to 10 years if they are taken good care of and not used too often.

Check Put this YouTube video that shows how to Service a Briggs and Stratton Lawnmower Engine.

Are There Any Downsides to Briggs and Stratton Engines?

While they perform relatively well against other brands in the market, Briggs and Stratton’s engines present several shortcomings. For one, they are somewhat outdated. 

The company has not been doing an excellent job updating the prowess of its engines as often as required. For this reason, there are engines in the market that are more powerful and efficient than Briggs and Stratton engines.

Also, these engines are not sufficiently fuel-efficient. Thus, they consume a pretty high amount of gas compared to several other brands in the market. Besides being costly, it is not environmentally friendly.

Are Briggs and Stratton Engines Better Than Honda Engines?

Both Briggs and Stratton and Honda are masters of producing small engines. Even so, each of these two brands has features that are superior to the other. The main difference between Briggs and Stratton and Honda is that the former is American while the latter is Japanese.

With Briggs and Stratton, you will have more engine options to choose from. Also, B & S is significantly more affordable than Honda. 

Hondas are pricey because they have noise and emission reduction features, which gives them an upper hand compared to Briggs and Stratton.

As we have already pointed out, Briggs and Stratton’s engines have a simple design which makes them easy to repair. You can do a DIY repair on a B & S engine, which is more than can be said about a Honda engine. 

Honda technology is quite complex, and this presents a problem when it breaks down. There are only a few places to fix it, and repairing it by yourself is out of the question unless you are an experienced mechanic.

Essentially, Honda engines are just as efficient as Briggs and Stratton ones. The company produces three multi-purpose engines for mowers. The engines are compact, durable, fuel-efficient, and produce low noise.

Simply put, both Briggs and Stratton engines and Honda engines are good at what they do. It all depends on your individual needs and your financial capability. Briggs and Stratton engines would be appropriate if you are looking for simplicity and efficiency without necessarily breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Briggs and Stratton engine cost?

The engines vary in size and engine power, so the price also varies accordingly. The bigger the engine and the more powerful it is, the costlier it is. It helps to know the basics of the engine you are looking for, so you can get a relatively accurate quotation from dealers.

Is Briggs and Stratton the best mower engine?

Briggs and Stratton engines may not necessarily be the best for lawnmowers, but they are definitely among the best in the market. The engines are durable, reliable, affordable, easy to use, easy to repair, and conveniently lightweight. Most importantly, they do an exceptional job.

Final Thoughts

Briggs and Stratton have been producing engines for a little over a century. They are among the best producers of small engines used in lawnmowers. 

Their engines are reliable, long-lasting, affordable, easy to use, and efficient in getting the job done. The engines come in different sizes and varying engine powers, giving you the liberty of choice. 

Check with your local dealers for the best Briggs and Stratton engine for your mower.

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