Does Baby Oil Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

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Every person struggles with hair growth at least once in their lifetime, and it can be really annoying when there are no results even in months.

Many people tend to try different products or methods that will make their hair grow faster, however, not many of them work like they are supposed to.

So, can baby oil help you with hair growth, and can you expect some real results in a short period of time? 

Baby oil can help your hair grow faster due to the ingredients it contains in itself. Baby oil is proven to be beneficial for the scalp and the hair since it soothes the dry scalp and speeds up the growth process.

It can also help your hair to be healthier-looking and well-protected.

Baby oil is a mineral oil that is redefined to a level to be safely used for skincare.

This article is focused on the properties of baby oil related to hair care.

Here, you will learn a lot about the benefits that baby oil can provide to your hair, not only in growth but also in its health and look. Therefore, if you want to try something new for your hair, keep reading and see how you can improve its quality with baby oil. 

Is Baby Oil Safe For Use On Hair? 

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge the origin of baby oil itself.

The roots of baby oil come from mineral oil that is refined, and the leftover is actually the result. Baby oil is in fact, refined to the point that it is safe for use for hair and skin, so you should not doubt it when it comes to safety. 

Since baby oil is primarily used on babies, it can be certainly said that it is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

Baby oil contains a mild formula that is designed not to cause allergic reactions in most people. In other words, a lot of ingredients and substances contained in the oil are specifically selected so they can be used by the majority of people, but mainly babies. 

So, if a product can be used on a newborn, who has the most sensitive skin, it can be surely used by an adult as well.

Furthermore, baby oil does not contain any ingredients that can be harmful, such as dyes, scents, parabens, and phthalates. Therefore, if you want to use it on your hair, you can freely do so because there would be no side effects. 

Does Baby Oil Make Hair Grow Faster? 

As previously stated, baby oil can help your hair grow faster due to the ingredients it contains in itself. As I mentioned above, baby oil has a mild formula that does not harm hair or skin in any way, i.e. it will not cause an allergic reaction in the majority of cases.

However, you should always check the label of the baby oil if you are afraid that it may contain some specific substances that your body does not tolerate.

Since the bases of baby oil are minerals and vegetables, there is nothing harmful in them. Additionally, some baby oils might contain jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, avocado oil, or almond oil. These are known to have nourishing properties, therefore, they are beneficial both for hair and skin. 

However, some types of baby oil might not be suitable for your hair due to some additives. This means that you have to learn which substances and ingredients your hair responds to, and then choose the baby oil that will actually be beneficial. 

How Can I Stimulate My Hair To Grow Faster? 

Baby oil is a good stimulator for hair growth, so you have nothing to lose if you try it. Baby oil has worked for many people, so you might be just one of the lucky ones. However, remember that you need to choose the baby oil brand wisely in order to achieve the wanted results. 

Our hair is made of a protein-rich component also known as keratin. Usually, people’s hair grows half an inch each month. However, those with highly damaged and dry hair might struggle with its growth, i.e. wait for months for the hair to grow but without any results. 

This is where baby oil can play a really important role, meaning that it can act as a stimulator that will speed up the process of growth.

This method, or trick, has not passed thorough research, however, it has been quite beneficial for split ends. The baby oil also makes your hair look healthier and nicer. 

It can especially help your dry scalp and provide some soothing effects on it. A dry scalp usually slows hair growth, so by applying baby oil to it, you can hopefully change that. 

Can Oil Help Your Hair Grow? 

Usually, different types of oils are mainly made of minerals and other nourishing ingredients. Therefore, it is not strange if they can improve the growth of your hair. Sometimes, other types of oils can be way more beneficial for your hair than baby oil, if you have a specific type of hair. 

This is why you have to try first to see what works well, so you know what to continue using. However, it can be surely said that oils can really help in the growth process of hair. 

Can Coconut Oil Help Hair Grow Faster? 

Coconut oil can be really helpful when it comes to hair growth since it is known to penetrate the hair instead of coating the hair strand.

Coconut oil is helpful in preventing hair from losing protein, which helps it to be healthy and grow faster. So, coconut oil can definitely help in hair care, and it will make the hair less prone to damages and breakages. 

Different types of oils can be really beneficial for your hair in terms of growth and healthy maintenance. Baby oil is one of the best types of oils that has a mild formula and safe ingredients that can speed up the process of the growth of your hair. 

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