4 Reasons Why Dyson Vacuums Are Worth It

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With several vacuum cleaners on the market, finding a brand that produces high-quality, durable products can prove daunting. One brand that has established itself as an industry leader, however, is Dyson. But despite the hype and several positive reviews, are Dyson vacuums really worth it? 

Dyson vacuums are worth the purchase due to their strong suction powers, excellent filtration, noise control systems, and overall versatility. Having a Dyson vacuum at home makes the process of cleaning so much more efficient and convenient. 

This article will list down the factors that Dyson vacuums excel at, including motor and suction performance, noisemaking, and several other features. If you are still unsure if you should shell out money for a Dyson, read on!

1. Dyson Has the Best Motor Performance

It is almost common knowledge in the vacuum industry that Dyson makes vacuums with the most powerful motors. In 2009, Dyson released a vacuum model with a motor operating at 104,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), a piece of technology considered revolutionary by the industry at the time. 

They topped this with the introduction of the Dyson Cyclone V10 in 2018, which had a digital motor running at 125,000 rpm. This number makes the V10’s motor 5 times faster than a car engine! 

Without a doubt, if there is anything Dyson engineers are passionate about, it’s motor performance. 

Now, these impressive figures of the motor translate to strong suction powers. In fact, when Dyson released the Humdinger, a feature that Dyson repeatedly marketed, was its ability to trap 99.9% of microscopic particles.

So if it’s crucial that every speck of dust is cleared by your vacuum, then Dyson vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly your best bet.

2. Dyson Vacuums Are Quiet

With motor performances and suction powers as high as Dyson’s, you would expect their vacuums to be noisy. 

Impressively, however, Dyson engineers have been developing models with low decibel counts to make for calming cleaning sessions at home. And the best part is that these quiet vacuums don’t compromise the suction power that sets Dyson apart. 

The Dyson V15 Detect, for example, only creates around 72 decibels of noise, which is considered low for stick vacuums. The Eureka Stylus Lightweight Cordless Vacuum meanwhile churns about 80.5 decibels of noise. A rather sizable difference.

By this, you would assume that Eureka is the more powerful vacuum, but no, Dyson is. With 230 air watts of suction power, the Dyson V15 is hailed as the cordless vacuum with the highest suction power ever! 

If you have babies or an elderly at your home, you wouldn’t want to have the loud whirring sound of the vacuum disturbing the peace and quiet that is so highly valued. Luckily, Dyson has got your back with powerful, low-noise models, which is a massive steal considering their suction ability. 

3. Dyson Vacuums Have Excellent Filtration Systems

Filtration is an essential aspect of vacuums as this process prevents whatever is collected from being released back into the air. Dyson ensures compliance with environmental regulations by following the HEPA standard in designing its vacuums, and achieving this standard is no mean feat.

By complying with HEPA, Dyson promises that its filters can trap 99.95% of particles in the air, which can only be really done by using state-of-the-art technology. Take note that The HEPA standard applies to the Dyson V15 and other models, and not just Dyson’s air purifiers. 

Dyson prioritizes filtration because pathogens are airborne. And at a time of pandemics, it really would interest any homeowner to invest in equipment that not only cleans the house but also protects its residents from potential ailments. 

While such advanced features are bound to bring the total costs up, they can come in handy when you’re in search of a top-notch vacuum cleaner that can get the job done as effectively as possible. 

One important aspect of owning a Dyson is maintenance, take a look at a video from my YouTube channel that shows how to keep a Dyson Animal in top condition.

4. Dyson Vacuums Are Extremely Versatile

With Dyson coming up with new models for cordless vacuums, the possibilities are endless for the picky cleaner. Since these models don’t use wires, they have to have good battery life for maximum efficiency. 

Unsurprisingly, Dyson has also prioritized battery life. 

The Dyson V10 model, for example, can last for as long as 60 minutes, and this time is probably enough to clean your entire place! And since it’s cordless, you can seamlessly transfer it from room to room. 

And even if you have issues with your battery, Dyson would be happy to replace it via a hassle-free warranty. 

Furthermore, Dyson models come with various modes that can adjust to whatever cleaning task. The Dyson V8 Animal model comes with a Max Power mode that allows you to raise the vacuum’s suction power for more difficult tasks. 

Should a time come when you experience blockages in your vacuum, you can easily lower the suction. The ability to control suction allows you to use the vacuum on various floor and carpet types

Dyson also covers nearly all your cleaning problems by coming out with vacuum attachments left and right. The Dyson Outsize, and V7 to V15 models, for example, can be attached with a light-pipe crevice tool which is easy to install and use. 

The way this attachment works is a suction tube with LED lights can be attached to your vacuum and inserted into narrow spaces, such as the back of drawers so that you can see and clean these hard-to-reach areas thoroughly. 

Another notable attachment is the mini soft dusting brush that is perfect for cleaning keyboards and other delicate objects. This attachment is made with a skirt of soft nylon bristles and regulates suction for soft and gentle vacuuming. 

Lastly, for dirt that is hard to remove by suction alone, Dyson has come out with a stubborn dirt brush. This attachment, made with stiff nylon bristles, can scrub even the peskiest of marks off. 

With several pace-setting products making waves on the market, Dyson is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, vacuum cleaning brand out there. The only problem you may face with Dyson products, perhaps, is choosing between its different models.

Here’s a selection of Dyson maintenance videos from my YouTube channel.

It’s pointless owning a Dyson and not doing the required maintenance, you lose so much performance!

Keep your Dyson it good maintained condition and you will have made a smart purchase.