7 Best Cleaning Brands

There are a variety of cleaning brands on the market selling products designed to clean every surface imaginable. Some of these brands promote using materials designed to cut through aggressive messes, while others pride themselves on using natural ingredients.

Some of the best cleaning brands are Clorox, Lysol, Scrub Daddy, Dawn, and Mr. Clean. Each of these brands has a line of versatile products that use various ingredients to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

In this post, I’ll go over the seven best cleaning brands available on the market, what products they offer, and what makes them worth trying.

7 Best Cleaning Brands

There are thousands of cleaning brands and businesses today, but not all of them are great. An exceptional cleaning brand guarantees you are purchasing a reliable product that does exactly what it claims it will do. Additionally, cleaning brands that are the best will also provide products that are made with quality ingredients. 

Let’s dive into the seven best cleaning brands that are available right now:

1. Clorox 

Clorox is one of the most well-known cleaning brands on the market, and the brand’s products can be found in stores everywhere. They are most known for disinfecting wipes, bleach, and multipurpose cleaning spray. 

As a company and brand, Clorox promotes beneficial cleaning that leaves the surface disinfected for a long time. Their products are versatile and can be used on the countertop, bathroom, and wood surfaces to ensure that all the most used places in your home are clean. 

The most notable quality about Clorox is that all their products disinfect surfaces and kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses. With Clorox products, you won’t have to worry about harmful pathogens lingering on your most-used surfaces. Instead, they will be protected and clean for a while. 

In addition, Clorox also uses its own specialized formula for its Clorox bleach to give maximum strength. This formula contains 7.5% sodium hypochlorite to ensure that your items and surfaces are thoroughly sanitized. In addition, their bleach whitens and removes stains efficiently without residue or additional products needed. 

Bleach has a variety of uses and is a staple for any homeowner. To learn more about cleaning with bleach, check out our articles on whether bleach can be used to clean a toilet and if bleach can be used to wash dishes

2. Lysol

Lysol is similar to Clorox because it is most known for its disinfecting products and the ability to provide products that guarantee easy cleaning. Lysol offers many products, including sanitizing wipes, aerosol spray, bathroom cleaners, and laundry soaps.

Not only does Lysol kill 99.9% of germs, but it was one of the earliest cleaning brands to be confirmed to destroy the COVID-19 virus on surfaces. 

Lysol not only offers various products, but they also come with specialized purposes. Their laundry soap acts as a protective sanitizing agent in the wash, while their pet cleaner prevents intense odors from messes made by beloved pets. Lysol knows that its consumers need a variety of products for a variety of different scenarios. 

3. Scrub Daddy

Launching into popularity on social media and television in 2012, Scrub Daddy is a cleaning brand notorious for its smiling sponges made in every color in the rainbow. 

This cleaning brand successfully provides an abrasive sponge that doesn’t leave scratches on surfaces. You can use their products on almost anything, including dishes, countertops, appliances, tile, and even stainless steel. 

In addition, their famous sponges also adapt to different temperatures: harsh and stiff for cold water washing and soft and flexible for warm water scrubbing. Their sponges don’t just come in different colors; they also come in different textures. The original Scrub Daddy sponge is still for scrubbing, while the Scrub Mommy has an abrasive side and a softer traditional sponge side. 

Pair this adaptable sponge with their effective clay-based scrub, and you have a brand that guarantees natural, non-aggressive, and effective cleaning no matter the surface. 

4. Dawn 

Dawn is a resilient cleaning brand famous for its various dish soap products. They make soaps that are deep cleaning antibacterial to tackle messes of any kind and strength. 

Dawn’s products are created to remove messy grease, food, and dish stains by scrubbing and lifting the particles away. This formula makes cleaning easy, smooth, and long-lasting. Additionally, Dawn soap is designed to be soft on skin without excessively drying it out. 

Dawn also creates a variety of easy-to-use products. One of their most popular and recent products, EZ-Squeeze Soap, is a downward-facing bottle that doesn’t require you to open the cap every time you need a bit of soap. Many of their products are easy and hands-free for quick and efficient cleaning. 

5. Mr. Clean (Procter & Gamble)

Mr. Clean, owned by Procter & Gamble, is a cleaning brand specializing in multipurpose house cleaners, bathroom cleaners, and countertop cleaners. Yet, you may know of them from their most popular product, the Mr. Clean brand Magic Erasers. 

This product is one of the most efficient ones available because everything you need is already together in the supplied sponge. Instead of adding cleaner or soap, all you have to do is add water, and everything will automatically activate. In no time, your magic eraser will foam and allow you to clean any surface. 

6. Pine-Sol

Pine-Sol is another excellent cleaning brand because of its cleaners’ ability to sanitize, shine, and deodorize surfaces. As a result, you will be left with a sweet-smelling pine or floral scent, and your surfaces will remain scratch and stain-free. 

The brand is mainly known for its fantastic wood cleaner. While Pine-Sol is great for wood surfaces of all kinds, whether they be floors, tables, or other furniture, their cleaner can be used on most surfaces as a multipurpose cleaner. 

Pine-Sol is also a great band used to sanitize surfaces of bacteria and viruses. Their products kill up to 99.9% of germs and can neutralize the COVID-19 virus. 

7. Stardrops – The Pink Stuff 

The Pink Stuff by Stardrops is a natural cleaning brand that is abrasive enough to clean and shine your surfaces without scratch marks. They are most known for their all-natural ingredients and brightly colored cleaner that comes in a paste, cream, or all-purpose liquid cleaner.  

This brand is exceptional because, unlike competing cleaning brands, they don’t rely on many harsh chemicals to create products that get the job done. Their Pink Stuff contains quartz, soap, baking soda, and sodium silicate

The products are highly adaptable and can be applied to various surfaces, including but not limited to wood, stainless steel, tile, plastic, and even carpet.

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