Can You Clean Sneakers With Wet Wipes?

After a few wears, sneakers can start to look dirty. So how do you keep them looking their best?  Wet wipes may be a convenient option for you. 

You can clean sneakers with wet wipes. Wet wipes contain cleaning agents that remove dirt and stains on your shoes. However, not all wet wipes are good for every shoe material and fabric.

This article will explore the advantages of using wet wipes to clean your shoes, the best wipes for sneakers, and some tips on cleaning sneakers effectively.

Can You Clean Sneakers With Wet Wipes?

You can use wet wipes to freshen up your sneakers in between washes and keep them looking new for longer. Wet wipes come in different varieties, textures, and formulations to suit a wide variety of materials.

When cleaning sneakers with wet wipes, you must know what kind of wet wipes you’re using and how they will interact with the material of your shoes. Sneakers are usually made with several different materials. Various kinds of leather, canvas, rubber, nylon, and cotton can all be present on just one shoe.

For lighter materials, such as canvas or nylon, wet wipes are highly effective for removing surface dirt. However, some wet wipes should not be used on leather or suede sneakers since they could lead to discoloration or damage to the material.

The Right Way to Clean Dirty Sneakers

Do you throw sneakers in the washer with the rest of your dirty laundry? This method may sound convenient, but doing so can damage your sneakers.

Sneakers and shoes can be cleaned with a dry brush to remove debris, followed by wiping down with a mild soap solution. The footwear should then be left to air dry.

You may also use wet wipes specifically designed to clean shoes and sneakers. These products are highly recommended because they are easy to use, store, and take with you wherever you go.

Is It OK To Clean Shoes With Clorox Wipes?

It can be tempting to clean shows with Clorox wipes. After all, it’s certainly one of the cheapest wipes you can get a hold of, retailing for around $4 per container. But did you know that the chemicals in Clorox wipes can damage your shoes?

It’s not OK to clean shoes with Clorox wipes. These wipes are great for household surfaces, but their high ethyl alcohol concentration can dry out a shoe’s leather and fade the color. Though the rubber soles would be fine to clean with a Clorox wipe, there are better overall products on the market. 

Can You Use Wet Wipes on Suede Shoes?

You can use wet wipes on suede shoes. However, not all wet wipes are safe to use on suede shoes. You must use wipes that have little to no alcohol in them to prevent discoloration in suede shoes.

Though several wipes boast being able to clean suede and nubuck, an easier alternative would be to apply white vinegar with a cloth and wipe the dirty area in circular motions. You may have to do it a couple of times to see results.

Do You Need To Sanitize the Inside of a Sneaker?

I’ve focused mostly on cleaning the outer part of your shoes, but the insole or inside of your sneakers must be cleaned and sanitized, too.

If your sneakers are worn every day and often come into contact with dirty surfaces or environments, then it would be wise to give them a thorough clean on occasion. Doing so will remove any dirt, bacteria, and germs that may have accumulated during wear and help prevent any further spread of infection within your home or workplace.

An athlete’s foot is a common problem caused by fungi living inside your sneakers. Sanitizing this area of the shoe needs to be commonplace in your routine.  

There are a couple of ways to clean the insole of your sneakers. One of the more thorough methods is to use a UV shoe sanitizer. They generally retail for around $100. If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, you can use hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, vinegar, or disinfectant spray.

Best Wipes for Sneakers

Having a great-looking pair of shoes comes with the responsibility of keeping them clean. Whether it’s wiping away dirt, dust, or mud, you need the right wipes to keep your kicks looking fresh.

Here’s a list of some of the best wipes for sneakers available on


Using wet wipes to clean your sneakers is an easy and convenient way to refresh your shoes without using water and a brush. However, it is important to remember that wet wipes are only suitable for light cleaning, so if you really want to deep clean your sneakers, you will need to try a different method.

Keep the following tips in mind when cleaning your sneakers:

  • Choose wet wipes that are safe for your shoe material.
  • Do not use Clorox wipes or harsh cleaning products on your shoes.
  • Sanitize and clean the inside of your sneakers.

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