Can You Change Oil Without Lifting/Jacking Up A Car?

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Changing the oil in your car can be a task that you do not particularly enjoy, so you try to find a way to do it as simply as possible.

If you want to avoid taking your car to a mechanic just for this and spending money on routine needs for your car, then you may like to learn how you can change oil by yourself.

So, can you do an oil change without lifting or jacking up your car? 

You do not have to jack up your car to change the oil. You can use an oil extractor that works by inserting a long tube from the top of the engine and pumping out the oil.

If you are wondering whether you can change the oil in your car without lifting or jacking up the vehicle, then you have come across the article you need to learn everything about it.

Here, I will discuss how you can do the oil change without going through the trouble of lifting your car and removing parts.

Also, you will learn how you can use an oil extractor to change the oil in your vehicle without going underneath and making a mess. 

Can You Change Oil In The Car Without Jacking It Up?

If you are fed up with going to the mechanic for every little change you need to do to your car, then it is high time you learned how to do it yourself.

You might think that the process of changing the oil in your car is difficult and it requires jacking it up, however, actually, there is an easier way, and you will probably not need to go through all that trouble.

In other words, there is an easier way, and you do not need to jack the car up, so you can do it yourself. 

The reality is that you can use a tool or a gadget that will ease up the process, and prevent you from making a huge mess.

Changing the oil in your car does not need to be messy, but this is only true if you know the right way, as well as having the right tools for the job.

  • That being said, you should know that the tool you could use is basically an oil vacuum, or otherwise known as an oil extractor. 

Using a tool like this will enable you to change the oil in your car without the necessity of jacking or lifting your car up.

Also, you won’t have to make a mess during the process. So, one tool will easily solve your issue, and you will not have to take your car to the mechanic for basic things like these anymore. 

How To Change Car Oil Without Mess?

When it comes to cars and oils, usually there is no way that this combination will pass without a mess.

However, nowadays, people have started using different tools and systems that decrease the amount of mess that is created while changing the oil in a car.

Tools, such as oil extractors are useful when you do not want to get under the car for changing the oil. 

Oil extractors usually work with a certain type of pump that helps you change the oil without lifting it up, and that way not having to take any parts off the car.

Generally, taking parts off is the reason why this process is messy, but with the proper oil extractor and the knowledge of using it, you can avoid those kinds of situations. 

Will An Oil Extractor Work For A Car Oil Change?

Oil extractors have become quite popular nowadays.

An oil extractor is basically an oil vacuum, and its use for a car oil change is significantly easy. The oil extractor works in that way so you do not have to lift or jack up the car, but you only need to find the oil pan where you will use the extractor.

You can do the process in less than 10 minutes, meaning that, not only is it simple but it is also quick. 

Here’s a YouTube video that shows how to do an oil change with an extractor.

Easy Way To Change Oil In A Car 

As I mentioned before, an oil extractor is a tool you need to change the oil in your car in a simple and less messy way.

What you will have to do is use a hand pump around 5-10 times and then, insert a small hose into the oil stick shaft.

(The above video shows the pump being constantly pumped which is unnecessary)

One personal tip I would add when using this method would be to remove the oil filter first to make sure all the oil can be pumped out.

  • Be sure to always fit a new oil filter when doing an oil change!

Once you get to the oil pan, you will remove the oil without making a huge mess, and without the need to get under the car. 

However, how easy the process is will depend on the type of car, i.e. the place of the oil filter in a certain type of car.

For instance, if the oil filter is accessible from the engine bay, then the oil extractor will work perfectly. Otherwise, this will not be possible, so make sure that you check where your oil filter is placed.

Make sure that you place newspaper sheets underneath your car, so you can avoid getting oil in your garage or your driveway. (Accidents can still happen!)

As you can see, there is an easy way of changing the oil in your car without the necessity to lift it up. However, you need to make sure that a tool like an oil extractor is suitable for your car.

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