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Portable Air Conditioner Upstairs Or Downstairs?

When outside temperatures soar, this inevitably leads to the need for indoor cooling. Portable air conditioners are fantastic devices that offer a quick and relatively straightforward solution. Portable air conditioner upstairs or downstairs – which is best? The best location for the portable AC is wherever requires cooling the most, and is best suited to…

Can You Vent A Portable Air Conditioner Into The Attic?

Offering unrivaled convenience and mobility, portable air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular methods for cooling indoor spaces. Venting the AC is an important part of using it effectively. Can you vent a portable air conditioner into the attic? It is possible to vent a portable air conditioner into an attic, however, this depends on the…

Can You Lay A Portable Air Conditioner On Its Side?

Portable air conditioners are effective and practical tools for cooling down a space. If your office or home often gets too warm during the summer months, these devices can offer the perfect solution. Can you lay a portable air conditioner on its side? As a general rule, portable Air Conditioners should not be used on…

What Does 12V Power Mean?

What does a power supply do and how does it work? 12v power refers to the amount of regulated power that an adapter can provide or a device needs to operate. A power supply is an electrical device that supplies electric power to an electric load. It draws power from a source with the correct…

Should A Boiler Run Continuously?

The looming energy crisis is enough to work up a sweat. Unfortunately, the falling temperatures aren’t out to make things better. With the winter in the doorway, you need to pay attention to the most crucial home appliance that will see you through winter – the boiler. When I hear ‘should a boiler be running…

Can You Use A 12v Power Supply On A 9v Product?

If you survey your home, you will find dozens of devices and their corresponding power supplies. From smartphone chargers to power supplies for internet routers and AC adapters for household devices, there are different means at our disposal to power a device. People often wonder if they can use an alternative power supply or adapter…

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